In a few moments I will be heading out to climb for the 111th straight day. Prior to climbing today, I have accumulated 28,700 vertical feet which is just a little more than 300ft short of the elevation of the worlds tallest peak. This afternoon I will close that gap and pass this milestone in Zion National Park–a place that has been hugely significant as part of the project–with my partners Stefanie and Rob.

While this milestone is just that–not an ending or a resting point, it is encouraging to see how far we have been able to climb with your support and reflect on the ways that this project is reaching people of all ages with and without type 1 diabetes. I have lots to share from our time over the last few days in Moab and photos to edit but I wanted to share this video with you all to celebrate how far we have come and to stay motivated because there is a LONG way yet to go!

Diabetes and every other challenge is what we make of it. Talk is cheap, action is the truth.