I have been spending the better part of today toiling over decisions. I find myself at a bit of a crossroads on a few issues.

First, I am making a longer compilation of some of the timelapse videos I shot in Joshua Tree and usually matching the images to a song is easy. I pick some Skrillex or Bassnectar and we are in business. This one is really challenging me. Additionally I have to get all packed for Zion, a destination whose objectives require more gear since we are going to be getting on some big walls.

I have been mentioning the possibility of some “big news” and that is the other thing on my mind; I am weighing the possibility of participating in a clinical trial for experimental treatments for type 1 diabetes. The obvious benefits are: an interesting dynamic in the story of the project, helping to be part of developing better treatments for this condition and of course, some financial compensation which would go to the project.

The downside would be having to remain “tethered” to the San Diego area through June–I would have to come back for check-ups and monitoring every week or two. I have been itching to get out on the road and just stay out. Being locked into this area, as beautiful as it is…is not ideal from the perspective of shooting video and it sort of waters down some of the “oomph” of what I am going for, in my mind, anyhow.

So those are the pros and cons. I know that my mind tends to distort some things on occasion, so I am trying to be logical about it. The “smart” part of my brain is telling me that it would be worth the sacrifice up front to get greater “mileage” out of the money that we have raised from your generous support so far. I will still be within striking distance of some of the finest climbing in North America–I will just have to pull away intermittently to come back to San Diego to loan my body to science.

As it happens so frequently, we make plans and then life happens and we have to adapt. I am really thankful that we have received so much support–and I feel like this is one way to honor the extension made by so many of you, if I can participate in this study and thereby add some more financial backing to the project through my own effort. I am not in a position to reveal any of the information about the pharmaceutical studies, because I am pretty sure that is frowned upon, I just wanted to make sure I am being as up front as possible about what I am doing and why.

So that is my big news. I guess it seemed bigger to me than it is once I actually look at it in black and white…

Now to get my gear sorted and racked up before leaving tomorrow…I definitely want to have my wig on tight for this one–Zion is a lot of fun but it is serious fun and no place to rely on luck. I am excited for that though–I am ready for a change of pace. To clarify, I am not suggesting that it is ever OK to be careless under any circumstances, and despite the fact that I probably have a very different “comfort zone” than most people who read this blog, I am always careful and deliberate–but there is very little in Zion that is a “gimme”.