You may remember our friends Ken and Naomi–from such early LivingVertical documentary shorts as “Check your crutches at the base of the climb” and “Sausage fest 2011” (see below for a refresher or if you have only recently tuned into the traveling roadshow of chaos that is Project 365)

Please check your crutches at the base of the climb from Living Vertical on Vimeo.

Sausagefest 2011 from Living Vertical on Vimeo.

Seeing how we have not been able to get together to cure meat and experiment with healthy recipes, Ken and Naomi decided to come out and visit us on the road for some climbing and hiking and whatever else. Considering our combined affinity for cooking, I have a feeling that we will be eating a lot  of good food despite operating out of our cars.

We are going to meet in Joshua Tree and the weather is forecasted to be amazing and we are so excited to meet up with friends for the first time in months. I have been psyched to climb and to improve my strength, but in terms of sheer joy, nothing beats seeing good friends. En route to Joshua Tree we are going to be stopping at the FiveTen outlet in Redlands CA and picking up our new climbing shoes–I can’t wait to see how they work!

I am really excited to show off some of the solar goodies we got in our last shipment from Goal Zero too since we have only used a fraction of the gear they have provided for us. I am putting together a rough tick-list for our time at JT and I have been officially overwhelmed by the sheer number of climbs but the one climb I have my heart set on is Bird of Fire (5.10a)–it is on par with the hardest trad climb I have on-sighted this past summer but it would be my hardest trad climb of the project. It’s a beautiful route, I’ll show and tell at a later time.

We have some changes in the works that we are looking forward to sharing once we have more definite details (hopefully in a week or so) but along with all of the upcoming excitement, Yosemite, springtime in the Valley, big walls and pucker-inducing exposure are looming in my mind.