I am really psyched to be able to post this video–not only since it’s a really outstanding peek into what a day of Project 365 looks like but also because this is the first update video that Stef has edited. I had the idea to make this video after one of our days out climbing at Queen Creek Canyon in Arizona and thinking about the fact that while this is a “climbing” project, the hardest and most challenging bits are not even the climbing but rather the living from one day to the next. So over the next couple of days we traded off shooting eachother, setting up tripods and hanging smaller cameras from mini-pods in order to try and give a condensed feel of what a normal day for us is like.

Queen Creek Day from Living Vertical on Vimeo.

This is a pretty significant video for us because this video was shot by Stef and I on the fly without a helping hand (Nick!) to take over some of the heavy lifting. When I have a vision for something that I am shooting it is pretty hard to “let go” of it and allow someone else to put it together, so I just tried not to be a backseat driver and just let Stef do what she wanted with it. When I finally got to see the finished product I was blown away and totally psyched to see how it all came together. It definitely reaffirmed the idea that we CAN do this.

I know I am rambling but one thing that ISN’T shown here (or in any of the videos so far) is that I pretty regularly freak out and worry about the quality of work we are going to be able to do with limited resources and learning as we go. Seeing this cut together after three days of shooting was a huge encouragement. I look forward to freaking out less and seeing more of Stef’s editing skills on display. Enjoy!