So we’ve been catching up on a lot of stuff since we’ve been back in San Diego- much of that “stuff” involves video editing, and so I am pleased to be able to share a little bit of what we have done and are working on doing as we move forward! We have been connected with some of the folks from who have been really supportive–and they have a lot of background in similar types of projects so that has been really exciting! We have been given climbing shoes to wear from FiveTen and we are really excited to welcome their support for Project 365!

This week (once the Dragon Wagon is out of the shop) we are going to be heading out to Bishop to do more filming and climbing with Nick which will be off the hook! We are planning on spending a couple of nights shooting timelapse photos and it’s going to be down in the 20s so that should build some character!

As always, stay psyched and DO something! Make changes! Shake stuff up–because you CAN!