Today is day 46. 16,375 feet climbed. 

Not much new to report on the insulin/blood sugar front…basically holding steady (as far as limited testing has shown). I should be checking more–I have kind of been going nuts with closing out funding and working on editing…

Yesterday as most of you know, our funding campaign ended. We closed with a total of $7,485 thanks to you all. I am very thankful for all of the support we have received and I take very seriously the trust and confidence you have placed in this project and our ability to see it through. I am torn between wanting to make sure that every perk gets fulfilled ASAP and making sure that we get the most and the best shots for this project. Having two people doing everything does necessitate prioritization.

I sent out an update  regarding the fulfillment of perks via Indiegogo and if you made a monetary contribution to Project 365 and did NOT receive that update, PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE AT Some of you contributed but may not have entered an email address or opted out of email updates. If that is the case we NEED to be able to get a hold of you so that we can uphold our end of the deal.

Those of you who loaned or donated gear/equipment to us, please let us know what perks you would like!

Moving forward:

We have some loose ends to tie up-here in San Diego before we hit the road again to film more locations-I need to get the Dragon Wagon looked at before heading out for any length of time because the front end is vibrating and clunking a little on one side (I think it may be the QV joint or something else in the suspension?). In the interest of full disclosure, none of the campaign funding is going to fixing the car–I am putting my tax returns into vehicular upkeep–just saying.

Next on the agenda: Bishop, Joshua Tree (again), Red Rock (again), Cochise Stronghold, Zion/Moab

We have some short videos that will be coming out soon–and they are getting better in quality, so I think everyone will be pretty psyched! Stefanie tried her hand at editing and her first video is better than my 20-something-th…whatever…

Still want to help support Project 365?

Fundraising is tiring and stressful. At least for me it is. I am looking forward to being able to give back and focus on that, without having to ask for anything. I want to emphasize the fact that this is far from the end, this is the beginning of another chapter in the saga.

It really helps to know that you are out there and reading/watching what we are doing. Our connection to our followers keeps us motivated and psyched to get up and at ’em on days when it’s raining or when we feel like ass. Liking our blog posts, sharing our blog, commenting on FB, ReTweeting on twitter etc…that all  fuels the fire–you are part of what we are doing!

We have merchandise available thanks to the herculean efforts of Terri from ClimbAddict who took a lot of her own time to set that up for us and to enhance our original logo. We will still be able to accept direct contributions via PayPal (going to link that option eventually) but honestly our project is about doing more with less, and it is better in some ways to stay hungry, to have that fixed amount that you have to make work. If we get halfway through the year and gas is up to $10 a gallon…well we will have to re-strategize and go from there–and you will certainly hear about it right here–but my desire is to take what you have given us, and devote all our energy to making that go farther than anyone thinks it can and worry about raising more money if it becomes necessary. If we don’t need it, why ask for it?

What we CAN always use it help with is editing video, filming or shooting photos. If you can help with this or know someone who wants to get their name on a project, we are looking for someone to whom we can send our footage every week or so to make update videos etc. If not, no worries, we are actually having fun doing it ourselves and we are getting better at it–it is just time consuming, so we can’t crank out videos when we are on the road.

I headed into this post thinking I was going to find a nice neat way to thank everyone in one fell swoop but those words are truly insufficient—while I am thankful to you all, I know that the most sincere thanks I can give you will be forthcoming as the project develops and will be more personal than professional and won’t fit into a neat blog post.