Climbed: 42 days, 13,505′

Injected: Back to my “frontcountry cocktail” (6u 2x daily of Lantus or Levemir and 4u of Humalog 2x daily with meals) I was sick over the last 24 hours but I am pulling through it well enough-I started using the Levemir that Jewels from Flagstaff gave me and I  am loving it. Not going to hate on the Lantus, since that has been good to me over the years, but I have not been disappointed by the switch to different insulin. 

Lots of big things happening here: we have some exciting news about further product support from a company that I am pretty sure most of you have heard of, our funding campaign is closing in under 72 hours and our finalized trailer for the Project 365 Documentary is available to view on our Indiegogo page. We have 3 more videos that we will be completing over the next week(ish). We are aiming to head back out on the road in the next week or so–I need to get some work done on the front end of the Dragon Wagon though, so that may set us back a couple days. The current plan is to head out to Bishop CA and then possibly Red Rock again to see about finishing that project I was working.

In other news, we went to Trader Joes to get some hi-octane grub and we literally cleaned them out of Nori. If you go to the Grosmont Trader Joes and are unable to buy seaweed snacks, I hope you can forgive us. On second thought, I’d do it again. The price was right and these things are AWESOME. I am majorly addicted. I was surprised that it was relatively affordable too despite what I was expecting.

This is the first of 2 videos about our time climbing in and around Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas NV, and some of the hijinks that might not make it into the finished Project 365 documentary. I feel like these videos are really at the core of what we are doing since they are a bit more candid and instead of simply highlighting “finished” work, they make more accessible some of what goes into the formative process. We really can’t thanks the Percells enough for their hospitality and Nick for helping us shoot 90% of the images and video that you are seeing here.

With a team of two, climbing and filming become separate activities and a lot of the continuity of the climbing is lost, since your attention is automatically split between two in-depth activities–or you wind up focusing more on climbing and getting lousy footage or great footage of a single pitch of 5.6 that you climb 7 times…

When you have a third, competent partner, all that changes so having Nick come out with us made a world of difference!