Today we had our first event in Flagstaff AZ at Vertical Relief climbing center.

We have been staying with the owners of this fine establishment who have an equally wonderful family and have been sharing their home and hospitality with us. Initially I was pretty intimidated by the prospect of going into an event without much of a plan. To be fair this is effectively the same strategy that I live my life by, so you would think that by now I would be used to this feeling of relative bewilderment, but not so!

We had a LOT of help from John and Jewels (owners of Vertical Relief and our hosts) as well as the folks from Novo Nordisk and OmniPod and several other wonderful people who pitched in and helped show us the ropes, so to speak, so that we would have time and opportunity to focus on the kids who came out to climb and their families.

We definitely learned a lot about the WORK that goes into this kind of event. Hint–its takes a LOT of behind the scenes legwork to get an event like this coordinated and we would never have had this opportunity without a lot of selfless effort on the part of several people. From what I was privy to, Jewels spearheaded this effort from start to finish and Lawren Romero from Phoenix JDRF was also instrumental in making it happen today. I am probably forgetting some people but today was a blur in my mind so I apologize if I am unintentionally diminishing any of the contributions made by not citing each of you individually!

I would have liked to have WAY more time to visit with everyone, but time is always a hot commodity so we had to do with quick chats here and there. I was super inspired by what I saw and heard, from kids with Type1 and their parents. It is so refreshing to be around folks who are facing the same challenges and not letting it slow them down!

Thanks to Clif Bar for sponsoring this event!
Quake--Diabetic Alert Dog extraordinare!

I know that we touched bases with many of you and then did not have the opportunity to follow up. Please stay in touch with us and post photos that may have of the event on our Facebook page! We are headed down to Phoenix and then Tucson…climb on!