Climbed: 4110′

Injected: Leveled out with the 6/6Lantus, 4/3 Humalog. Been running close to 100 (waking up between 70-90). 

We are 11 days deep into Project 365 and it is time to raise the bar. We are going to be heading out into the desert for a change of scenery and a bit more isolation and focus. It is interesting how consuming the internet is with its various social media outlets, always clamoring for attention. The price you pay is a decrease of physical activity–in our case, a decrease of emphasis on what we came here to do. Sure it’s nice being able to make little movies every other day and blog and tweet constantly. On the other hand, I have been feeling like our climbing has been…less of a priority than telling people about the climbing.

This creates a strange paradox because the more time spent telling leads to less time creating something extraordinary that is actually worth telling everyone about! So, this means that we are going to be transferring our focus from the explaining and talking about climbing–to actually climbing–and filming for the documentary!

In a way it is probably best that we have gotten off to a slower start than going at it full bore right out of the gate–I am recovering from a grade II A2 pulley rupture last spring and the last thing I need is a re-injury. Plus we have…354 days to turn up the intensity and it’s good to leave somewhere to go.

So. We are leaving for Joshua Tree to do some climbing out there in the desert and re-focus on what we came out here for. Blogs will be updated when there is news to be had (I am going to aim for 1-2 per week) and the majority of updates will happen via our FACEBOOK page since that allows for more runnin’ and gunnin’. Keep in mind that we are going to be without internet/phone service–so responses may be a little slower and updates may be a little more sparse.

We are psyched and ready to take it to the next level!