Climbed: 3755′ (ran some laps on Sam I Am 5.8–plus a nice 1200 foot approach)

Injected: Not a lot. I have been staying pretty steady with the Lantus-6u AM, 5-6U in the PM. Humalog has been down–4u for breakfast, 2-3u for dinner. I actually did a little experiment, eating only raw vegetables, and no Humalog for dinner one night–woke up the next morning with a BG of 78! In 1 week I have cut back on my insulin by about 15-20% from what I had been taking before, simply by getting out and climbing every day!

It has only been one week, but we have a lot happening! Since the last update, we spent 2 days at the OR trade show in Salt Lake City, UT. Basically, this is a HUGE convention where hundreds of camping, hiking, fishing, kayaking, surfing, skiiing, snowboarding (and so on) companies come out and display their new innovations for the new year and the pro athletes that represent them come out and hang out.

It’s like if you were a football fan and all the fast food and junk food and companies that support their industry came out to debut their new chicken nuggets and triple fried sandwiches, genetically modified deep fried bits of corn and potato and you could go from booth to booth and eat fatty snacks and meet the athletes who endorse your consumption of same.

Its just like that, only  a lot different. Some of the names of the companies that were there you would recognize–The North Face, Mountain Hardwear, Outdoor Research, Adidas, Clif Bar…and outdoor advocacy groups (Sierra Club, Boy Scouts, American Alpine Club) as well as many smaller companies that are up and coming–but they all share the common trait of helping people get active outdoors through the use of their products and services. Seeing the pro-athletes wandering around like “normal” people and meeting them was also pretty surreal. We met Chris Sharma (google the man if you’ve never heard of him) and Chris MacNamara (co owner and creator of Got to BS with these people who, in my mind are “larger than life” but in reality are down to earth and friendly!

So…we went to the OR show because we wanted to have a chance to network and share our project and look for support from some of the companies whose gear we use (or would like to use!). Also we wanted to have a chance to meet some of the folks from Clif Bar since they are supporting Project 365 with a big bunch of Builders Bars (as you know!)

We ran around A LOT, pitched our project to everyone that would listen, and got a lot of encouragement and support. We also are going to be receiving product support from Goal Zero, who manufactures portable solar gear, and we have some other really awesome connections that we will be following up with over the next couple of weeks.

In 2.5 days we drove for a total of 24 hours, and climbed some roadside choss, and got back to San Diego at 5 AM yesterday. Brutal! I was feeling pretty un-psyched about the lack of quality climbing, but yesterday, for our 7th day, we got after it and had a 1400′ day, great blood sugar– and if you want to see more, check out the video!