Climbed: Several boulder problems in Santee–70′ nothing too hard all about v0

Total: 2295′

Injected: AM 6u Lantus, 4u Humalog PM 2u Humalog 6u Lantus

Total carbs 110g

Sugar still trending lower/normal (nothing severe)–diet is staying about the same. Oatmeal, saltines and PB for breakfast, builder bar, Nori for snack, Salad greens and baked chicken for dinner. Also some raw almonds. 

Good climbing today, albeit short. Bouldering is not about the length of the climb (usually) but about the complexity of a series of smaller moves combined with the elevated risk of climbing ropeless. Climbing today was a bit tougher-not physically but mentally. Our cat hasn’t actually come back per se. He has been seen once in the last week, but hasn’t actually approached his new home or eaten anything. It’s really working me over mentally that he is going through this so far away and we are totally unable to do anything to help him.

I broke out the camera a little bit today though. Found a bees nest and was careful not to disturb these endangered critters but enjoyed their handiwork.

The remainder of the shots are of some of the boulders of Santee (you can see some people in the shots to give a frame of reference)

We will probably be back at Santee tomorrow for a bit more shooting and bouldering. Until tomorrow…