I always feel compelled to make an attempt to express the value that I place on the people in my life as I embark on a climbing adventure of any significant length–maybe because I feel guilty that I have my needs met and a simple and happy (albeit unconventional) direction in my life and I know that many people watching from the outskirts might not be able to see the entire picture and may feel as though it’s simply a narcissistic monkey-shine. Without belaboring the point, Project 365 has been incubating in my heart and mind since I was very young–even before I was diagnosed with diabetes, climbing was my dream–and all of the people in my life in large ways and small have played a part in incubating that dream. I can’t reasonably quantify the impact of each person in this post, but each of you have had a greater impact than you might think.

It amazes me how this precipice upon which we stand now is simply an accumulation of many small steps and trips to Dunkin’ Donuts…emails…text messages…stop and chats etc.

And that gives me confidence for what lies ahead. After all that is THE lesson I have learned from diabetes. I don’t look at that as an event that I have to plan for the rest of my life (although that is ostensibly what it boils down to) but rather a day to day task that becomes part of life. So now I am preparing to do something that in total seems like a huge bite to chew. The reality that I can handle every individual aspect of it, if I take it one day at a time is very empowering to me, as I hope it may be for you.

So enough sobering realities. Tomorrow we get to go climbing–and I will no longer have to ration my supply of Clif Bars! These things (specifically the Builder Bars) are my secret weapon. Low glycemic index is a big factor in doing more with less, as it pertains to insulin–and Builder Bars have 20 grams of plant-based proteins, no genetic modification or any of that nonsense and it doesn’t spike your sugar. Reliable energy is as important to me as reliable climbing gear.

Weather forecast is 60’s and sunny in the San Diego area and we are heading out to Mission Gorge tomorrow. Going to dust of the rack and rope and freshen up the skills!

Lastly, I want to be very up front about the fact the while we are engaged in this project, we will try to be as connected as is reasonable so that you who are supporting us can be part of the experience. However from this point forward, priority number ONE is the project. The climbing. The nitty gritty. This may mean slower responses to emails at times and more time between posts. I have always been very adamant about the fact that there is a point of diminishing returns with regard to being “plugged in”. Online diabetes advocacy is a big part of the community and many people have shifted the focus of their lives to contain more emphasis in their online life versus their “real” one.

The very point of this project is to prioritize the REAL and to DO MORE. I am currently as plugged in and enmired in Facebook and Twitter as the next person, but the truth is that I am soft from sitting on my ass TELLING people what we are going to do. The real message here friends…is what happens AFTER we step away from the computer.


Lets go get it.