The last few days have been building to a crescendo, as we have been getting all sorts of wonderful news. We were featured in a Discovery Channel online article and we got a ringing endorsement from speed climbing legend Hans Florine-AND we got word that the folks at Clif Bar wanted to support our project. What wonderful news! I have been reeling with the magnitude of all of this and trying to keep up with spreading the word on our Facebook page and Twitter and basically on cloud nine. I was waiting for a break in the action to write a more detailed account of all of this and to share WHY I am so excited to have the support of Clif Bar as we head into this project.

Then yesterday afternoon, the sun sank in my world as I received some of the worst news I have had in a long long time. Our cat, Mr Kitty, who we had to leave in VA with my brother, had not been adjusting to a new home with new people and managed to escape and had basically absconded and not returned for several days. I am not the least bit ashamed to admit that I was absolutely and totally crushed by this news. This cat was more than a  pet, he was my little friend–he was always there for me when people were not–and I have never been a very social person, with an abundance of friends.

I felt a poignant amalgamation of sadness and guilt. Sadness because Mr Kitty has always been the one thing that tugs at my heartstrings when I am out in the mountains, beckoning me to return home. All of our roadtrips in the past have basically ended when we no longer could withstand the desire to just go back home to Mr Kitty. And now he was gone. Alone in a strange place, with no idea of why he had been uprooted.

So maybe I am anthropomorphizing his sentient qualities…but I just felt REALLY BAD. We couldn’t bring him along–he would go NUTS and run off in the middle of the desert. We moved out of our home and no one locally could take care of him, so he couldn’t stay behind in NY as he had in years before. It was just a really sad situation with no easy solution. I know that my brother and his wife had been doing everything they could to get him to assimilate–they are cat people and they live on a farm–and I want to say that we are very appreciative of their willingness to take responsibility for Mr Kitty in a less than ideal situation…

So. We have had a small but very very personal part of our world turned on its ear. Now we have to balance that with brilliant success and encouraging strides forward in a very public endeavor. Suddenly everything is out of sync–like watching a movie in which the sound is off and you can’t decide if you should close your eyes and listen or read lips and let your ears catch up.

Basically dreams were coming true right before our eyes while other aspects of our life were disintegrating concurrently. I don’t know how to explain it but it has been very surreal because I don’t know if I am in despair or ecstatic.

So this morning I got a text message from my brother that our miscreant Mr Kitty has returned to their place, even though he was not ready to be sociable. This was SUCH good news, because at least this seems to indicate that he has recognized that he has a new home base and is returning there, not trying to take on an expedition of his own. So. Now that my mind is a bit more at ease I am hoping to regain some focus and get after it.