One week from today, Project 365 commences. We are emulating the practices of medieval monks by denying ourselves the pleasures of climbing when the daily temperature here in San Diego is…very comfortable, really. I haven’t climbed since mid-november and I am super psyched to get after it–but I know we need to be hungry once we start…and that this week is the last opportunity we will have to “veg” for the next year and so on!

In the down-time we are trying to dial in our use of the cameras and other equipment in order to hit the ground running once we begin, rather than hitting the ground and just laying there in a pool of our own misery! I shot this little one minute ditty with the Nikon DSLR, which has not seen much use in Video recording mode–but my most crude attempts have yielded what I would consider to be promising results. I will likely be using the rest of the week doing a few more of these super-shorties.

My new priority is fixing the audio results since I have been using an external recording device rather than running it through the camera(s) with heretofore inconsistent results. It’s all part of the process!

In other, less “film-related” news, we did an interview with Drew from the Juvenile Diabetes Cure Alliance (JDCA), a really neat organization that should be getting way more attention and one that should be synonymous with any cure-related foundations. The JDCA is a non-profit that is self funded (does not solicit  donations to serve the community) and, as stated on their website, “Our singular mission is to direct donor contributions to the charitable organizations that are most effective at allocating funds to research opportunities that maximize chances of curing type 1 diabetes by 2025.”

Obviously our mission in Project 365 is not directly involving or related to research or curing type 1 diabetes, but rather we are striving to show people what can be accomplished while living with this condition–but we believe that accountability and responsibility are a big part of living with this condition–and we are psyched to see an organization so enthusiastically applying these essential principals to the realm of a potential cure!

One week left til we kick off…please help us spread the word–we are trying to get to 500 likes on Facebook as well as trying to close the gap in our funding campaign as well!