So while we have been away from the blogging over the last several days, we have been driving like mad to reach San Diego, where we will begin Project 365 on Jan 16th (13 days from today). Based on 4 days of driving and sleeping in the car at rest areas we’ve found that Facebook and Twitter will be the go-to methods for giving everyone the play-by-play info while we are actively in transit–so if you haven’t connected with us on those networks, you might want to!

Here are some of the pictures taken along the way (credits: Stefanie Richert) Just think what we will have to show you when we are actually trying to get nice shots and film!

So here’s what we have going on immediately: We are making our “base camp” with Stef’s sister in San Diego. We intentionally decided to begin Project 365 here so that we would be able to begin climbing in good weather (which San Diego has in abundance!) and spend the winter climbing here in the southwest before heading north in the spring. This means that we will be making trips from San Diego into Utah, Nevada, Arizona and elsewhere in California for periods of time but still can come back to a semblance of home base here in between trips since there is good climbing about 15 minutes from the house here!

We have to unload the car (which was packed to the gills) and get our gear sorted out. Then there is the little matter of training and fitness prep to help us shake off the cobwebs of holiday-sitting-and-gorging–and blogging and tweeting does little to help with that!

There are 13 days until we begin climbing. While we run around like chickens with our heads cut off we will try and get more video blogs in the mix to save time, be more active and to bring you closer to the action, such as it is!