Some people with diabetes know (and publicly recognize) their date of diagnosis–affectionately called a “diaversary”. I had completely forgotten the month I was diagnosed, let alone the day, but after some digging and questioning I have established my own date of original diagnosis as January 16th 1999. Why should anyone care?

Great question! Personally I don’t have any use for another date to remember since I have a hard enough time managing a couple of birthdays and a wedding anniversary–but we have decided to begin Project 365 on January 16th 2012, on my 13th “diaversary”. 365 days later, upon successful completion of our project, I will celebrate!

In less than a week we will be headed for California–as you may know we are currently in New York. Sure, I am a bit apprehensive about the whole looming process we are facing and all of the uncertainty and danger and discomfort and legwork and filming and writing and promoting and editing and blogging and…I just can’t wait to be in the beautiful climate of San Diego. That is where we will begin climbing and that will be our “hub” for the first several months, so if you are in So Cal, be sure to check us out and get in touch!

I am a big believer in progression in the process of learning. What better place to start this monumental challenge than climbing where the weather is fine, the climbs are short and the grocery stores are close by! Better yet, Joshua Tree National Park is striking distance away and we will be spending a lot of time climbing there. Each climbing area is different from the next. Each has different challenges and different rewards so expect to see wildly varying terrain over the course of this adventure.

Gonna get some warm California sun!

Every day with our good friend diabetes, we face different challenges and different rewards–bottom line is that we have to trust our skill set. Know that we can handle whatever life throws at us with some grit and determination.