Fitness is free. You don’t need health insurance to get it and it requires no prescriptions. You can find it indoors or out at all hours of the day. The catch is this–you have to get off your couch and put away your iPhone, detach from the twitterverse and go GET it for yourself. I read a lot of people clamoring for this or that–health insurance for everyone, cures, social overhauls. To be fair, I agree with many of those initiatives–but what about Occams razor? You know, the idea that the simplest solution is usually the best one? (Hint: this is one idea that spawned Project 365)

We have been conditioned to believe that intricacy and complexity are tantamount to quality. Thanks, technological marketing! We have been conditioned to think that truth about health can only come from a pill, or an injection or some scientific think tank–and so we neglect the simple, and the obvious.

Still not convinced? Watch this movie by a Doctor who did all the research to further reinforce this very simple truth: exercise is the most fundamental thing EVERYONE can do to improve their health. At the end of the day you may still be thinking that these simple, practical initiatives are no cure–and that is true. But if I as a diabetic, put my health first and prioritize my fitness–I can be far healthier than people without medical conditions who fail to do that.

This is your LIFE, not a medical publication. Look around, engage your brain and think for yourself! We as a nation are fatter, lazier and less motivated and ever before–and we keep finding excuses and pass the buck. Ask what YOU can do to improve yourself before asking what medicine or drugs can do to improve you. It’s not judgement, its a challenge!

Diet. Lifestyle. Exercise. Fix the simple problems simply before just medicating yourself into oblivion. You have the power! Use it!