Today was a normal Friday–woke up with about 10 minutes to chop up some strawberries and banana and wolf it down while watching half an episode of Always Sunny. I raced out the door, don’t want to keep my students waiting. Predictably, my tank was on empty and I had to stop and gas up. No problem, I’ll make it up on the highway. Dunkin’ Donuts had a line, 6 cars deep at the drive-through. I can make it, I can make it…

Rolled up at the college, strolled into class and took a look around. It’s Friday, all the students just want it to be the weekend. I sort of do too, but then again this is the last Friday of the semester. This is our last class. What’s more, this is my last class ever. In less than two weeks I will be out in California. I will be officially homeless and out on the biggest adventure of my life shooting Project 365! It was definitely bittersweet–I love new adventures but having to leave good friends behind along with the comforts of familiarity is tough. Then again, no growth without discomfort.

Speaking of which, here are some relevant updates you may or may not be aware of:

  • Our funding campaign just broke $4,000 THANK YOU to all our contributors!
  • We have secured all our camera equipment
  • We have some exciting sponsorship news on the horizon
  • We are working on a trailer that should be out within a week

With all of the craziness going on right now it is a huge challenge to be able to produce coherent blog posts, but since this project is about the journey (and the chaos IS part of the journey) step into my to-do list (within the next 10 days) before we leave.

    • Traffic ticket (thats what I get for taking Stef’s car out for one last trip before it goes byebye)
    • Sausagefest part II with Ken and Naomi this weekend
    • List and ship about 30 items on ebay (mostly clothes and shoes that we don’t need)
    • Contact potential sponsors
    • Shoot some footage for the Project 365 trailer
    • List home appliances on Craigslist
    • Learn the Canon XA 10 (the short film was shot off the cuff by Stef and thrown together–this camera is SWEET)

  • Learn the Nikon d5100
  • Read a how-to manual on shooting a documentary
  • Blog about all of the above including the social relevance of this project (youth, fitness, nutrition and society)
  • Sketch out the “chapters” of Project 365
  • Take all my books to my dad’s house
  • Dentist’s appointment
  • Mechanic’s appointment
  • Bankruptcy attorney consultation 🙂 <—-not really

Of course we will be answering emails, phone calls, working out and shooting up insulin and the like in our free time! This project truly is a collective effort and we are gaining momentum but we still need your help sharing our Indiegogo campaign and getting the word out, signing up for our email newsletter and so on…

Last but not least: I want to extend a special thank you to Mario Canepa for graciously contributing a roof rack and cargo carrier for the Dragon Wagon. You sir, are the man.