This weekend was our first opportunity to enjoy an informal meet-up while in Boston, visiting family for the weekend. We got a chance to hang out (literally) with Fatima who we met through the twitterverse. We got together and climbed at Metro-Rock gym in Everett and it was an amazing time, in short.

It was very remarkable, as the three of us talked, how despite our differences we had a very similar mindset. I think you don’t have to be a cultural anthropologist to see how different we are. To start with, I can reach holds that Stef and Fatima couldnt–but they were way better on the slackline than I was. But seriously, what brings people together and puts them on such similar paths?

Well, we talked about that too. Diabetes IS a challenge. At the end of the day, it has the power that YOU give it. No, you can’t control everything that happens in your body–but give me an example of where in your life you CAN control everything? Control over your life is a laughable facade that people buy to feel better about the variability that is inherent in daily life. You can choose to fight it and lose–or learn how to appreciate the flux, roll with it and see what heights it takes you to!

We are not victims. We are not diseased. We are not helpless. We are people who have a very specific challenge that has cultivated very specific strengths. At the end of the day, it is a choice to “get over” any challenge. It starts first with your mind, then follows through with physical action. This weekend, climbing was both.

Check this video out–Fatima and I comparing post climbing BG’s and talking shop! She showed me how to do alternate site testing, which I hadn’t seen before!

This was our first time really meeting up with other folks from the DOC (diabetic online community) and it was super refreshing to see that Fatima is a proud member of the reality based community as well! It is so encouraging to see other people who have chosen to use their obstacle as a stepping stone as well–it makes me feel like I am not completely insane. We were hoping to get Maria out to join in the climbing as well but due to scheduling conflicts, she is going to have to take a raincheck–but the awesome news is that we got to be part of getting other people psyched on climbing! How cool is that!

A new poster for Project 365? I think so.