Hello there, Stefanie here.

So I’m trying to figure out a way to start my blogs to immediately distinguish between blogs written by Stephen and blogs written by me. I haven’t really thought of a graceful way to do so yet…any suggestions? Unfortunately I can’t think of any greeting that rhymes with my name for me to develop a whimsical trademark.

This time of year, as with so many other Americans, has always been one of my favorites. However, ever since my dad was transferred to Dubai in 2006 this time of year has become one that I look forward to all year. Since Dubai isn’t exactly a hop skip and jump away, he only comes home once a year, usually right in-between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The past 2 years I’ve been lucky enough to be able to squeeze out every possible minute of quality time with him spending the entire week having a food and laugh fest with him and my brother Manny, in Astoria.

Side Note: While Thanksgiving has come and gone, I’m still celebrating and would like to take a moment to publicly state that I’m extremely thankful and feel blessed beyond words for my family. No matter how crazy our ideas may be they have supported us and back us 100%. I know not everyone is as lucky to have parents and siblings like mine, and I thank God every day that I do. No matter how spread out we all are (NY, San Diego, Boston, Dubai etc.) we always make an effort to get together once a year and I cherish every laugh, argument and repeated story we share. (That means you too, Neal, Jill and Mike if my siblings love you then I love you…even if they decided to hate you I would probably still love you)

There are many things I’ve inherited from my father: “height” (don’t laugh I’m the tallest of my sisters…), my freakishly straight teeth, my unpredictable silly behavior, my man hands, and a love for gadgets. Videography is a new species for all of us, while Stephen and I are both fairly proficient behind the lens and my dad has had an ongoing love affair with Nikon. None of us have done anything that has required us to capture a moving image continuously. Obviously that’s going to have to change with Project:365. So since none of us know anything about video cameras we did the next best thing. Bug our friend Dominick who is a great Media Production Artist, and consult the interwebs. About 50 text messages and 250 review blogs later I decided that we ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT do our documentary without a CanonXA 10. And any other camera? Just. Would. Not. Do.

Today we decided to make a pilgrimage trip to B&H Photo & Video in Manhattan. I imagine my dad’s pure happiness and exuberance when he walked in there is like that of an 8 year old running into FAO Schwartz for the first time. He was just PSYCHED and it was awesome. We got to hold cameras and play with lenses and stand in 5 different lines to get 1 answer. For those not familiar with their system it’s very polished to abolish any possibility of theft. There is one sample of each product out, extremely knowledgeable sales associates for every section. I do mean every section. There isn’t a general Camera section for all cameras and accessories, each accessory has its own section with a dedicated item genius (including paper, Dwight Schrute has some competition here). It’s very impressive and at times overwhelming.

We spent a solid 4 hours running around and playing with tripods, cameras, camcorders and lenses. Perhaps it was just confirmation bias, but my desire to make the CanonXA 10 our own grew with each passing conversation with sales associates. We had one very helpful associate in particular, Alan, an obvious enthusthiast who probably spends most of what B&H pays him on the very products he sells day after day. He gave us frank and honest comparisons, showing that the XA 10 could more than hold its own against cameras that cost 900 or more dollars. I had heard enough, I knew we could not live without it, LivingVertical could not live without it.

Then after all of that song and dance, come to find out the Canon isn’t in stock…









PSYCHE! We got the Canon, and are officially ready to be awesome in HD.

And my dad has solidified his position of Executive Producer of Project:365 for so graciously buying the Camera and all accessories. Yeah I know, he’s pretty awesome. Not too many dads get as psyched as he does about what we do!

Like I said, photographers. What the heck does that do?



Needless to say but I’ll say it a million times anyways, I love my dad so much and I’m so thankful to be his daughter and plan on making him damn proud.