Thanksgiving is over and its back to double parking in handicap spots and flipping off fellow motorists on the highway. Kidding. Well sort of. I never stopped doing that for the holiday anyhow. Kidding again.

Ok, so today Stef and I began mulling over the camera and sound equipment trying to decide where to begin. We had some ideas going in but today was round one of actual side-by-side comparisons. To be clear, I have been sitting home watching comparison videos on youtube and watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia while Stef has been doing the legwork. Oddly enough my blood sugar has been pretty good and responsive despite my lethargy over the last couple days. Tomorrow, I slay it at the gym.

I also took the liberty of editing together another video from this summer’s road trip. This one is from South Dakota’s Black Hills and showcases one of our favorite climbs in one of our favorite areas! We won’t be visiting the Mt Rushmore area til the middle of the summer but it has always been a wonderful area for us where we have some really awesome friends! South Dakota climbing has always been characterized by its bold style–just about every ascent has potential to be a vision-quest–especially the spires, lovingly called “The Needles“.

Get psyched!

This video was shot entirely with GoPro HD HERO (which we have been using extensively for all our videos). These little cameras can do a whole lot and have some sexy features. I know they just released a newer version of the HD HERO but this is what we have so far–and we have even considered doing our entire feature-length documentary using nothing but GoPro cameras…more on that later. Once we have done a little more homework on the camera options we will go from there.

I would like to point out that I am not a primary editor for Project 365…My role is simply shooting film and photos and being a character. We have other, better people who will be editing the documentary. In the meantime though, I dabble with impunity–since I will be handling vblogging and video shorts from on the road…

Stay tuned–its likely to only get weirder from here. Also, Craig IS awesome for being the first person to respond to my plea via facebook at 1:15 in the AM for help with a blog title. I can write pages and pages but sometimes the title just eludes me.  Yes…it CAN get weirder from here–this is just the beginning!