So its the day after black Friday and we are dealing with the fallout here at ground zero. The predictable reports of trampling and now pepper-spraying among shoppers have come out and everyone is decrying how awful it is. My Facebook news feed has been “occupied” by images claiming that “In America, you can pitch a tent for capitalism but not for DEMOCRACY”.

I've been "occupying" since before it was cool, but it wasn't really an act of democracy; there wasn't a Starbucks or an iPhone within miles of camp...

Not saying that I endorse the bad behavior of shoppers but if you’ve ever been out at a bar over the last decade, you’ll know that bad behavior is not relegated to soccer moms throwing elbows to get the last DVD copy of Shrek XVII. It’s not an excuse; its just a lot more widespread than people want to admit.

Further, when did the act of pitching a tent become a blow for the forces of good and equality in this world? Have I unknowingly been leading a movement from the wilderness every time I put up my little Marmot Limelight 2P shelter? If so, I am long overdue in collecting public gratitude–but it’s never too late. In fact, in the NAME OF DEMOCRACY I am going to be climbing and pitching my tent for 365 days consecutively–so if you’re looking for a grassroots rebellion to support, look no further–Project 365 needs your help stickin’ it to the man!

To be fair, we won’t have masses of people joining us because we won’t be able to charge our iPhones and laptops on an hourly basis; we will be hundreds of miles from the nearest Starbucks. Flush toilets will be virtually non-existent and rather than pepper-spray we will be dealing with furry police officers dressed up as bears. Or real bears. Not sure which.