We watched “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” by Morgan Spurlock yesterday. I felt like a complete punter–if THAT’S how movies are made…well we might be SOL. Flying in corporate jets, big business meetings, attorneys, tens of thousands of dollars, millions of media impressions and colossal advertising campaigns–and the list goes on. While we don’t have any of those strings attached (they do come with benefits, of course) we have the authenticity of being completely backed by people who believe in what we are doing and in US to tell OUR story.

I am beginning to realize what a privilege this is–not just because of the most incredible and unexpected generosity, but because all of YOUR belief in who we are and what we are trying to accomplish. Making Project 365  is about more than simply entertaining people–this is about changing the lives of people with diabetes.

This is a message to kids who are currently eating whatever they please but soon, that rug will be pulled out from under them and they will wonder if they can ever be in control of their lives again. Their parents, at this moment, have no idea about the challenges of living with the disease–or the corresponding triumphs. But sadly they soon will.

Diabetes is what you make of it. This is a challenge to everyone to make the obstacles in their lives stepping stones, not roadblocks.

Diabetes happens to be my challenge, and one that I have special connection to illuminating for the benefit of others–but what person could not benefit from a simpler, healthier and more natural style of eating, and playing? Has anyone’s Dr told them that they need to watch their consumption of fresh air–that they are eating too many greens and that their cholesterol is just too low?

The “simply natural” initiative is not the end all be all. We aren’t trying to get people to throw away modern medicine–we DO want people to take more responsibility and control of their own health. Do more for yourself rather than relying on medicine to fix it for you. We DO want people to be skeptical of medicating the sh*t out of themselves without first balancing their diets, stress levels and weight etc.

Ok. Rant over. Here is what I am posting to say today–THANK YOU.

We have a TON to be thankful for. Since we don’t want to waste your contributions on advertising, we are taking a different tack:

We are literally keeping our contributors right with us all throughout the project. Your support got us here–we are counting on it to bring us full-circle.

We want to emphasize the importance of simple conservation–IE not “going green” by BUYING a bunch of new junk when you can get more use out of what you have, if you take care of it. Its odd how much is sold to us every day using the word “sustainability” rather than “non-disposable”.






















So THANK YOU for helping us tell this story:

Martha Richert (thanks mom!), Kizzie Suriel, Manny Suriel, Scott Johnson, Ken Start and Naomi Baumol, Maria Qadri, John “Jack” Kimmel, Alan and Lee Paton, Daniel Dunn, Scott Toro, Jon Martini, Janette Wing-Pazer, Nancy Moskowitz, J.A. Neitzel, Marek Petrik, and Allison Steinberg

This is your film-your story too. We still have a long, hard road ahead of us–and we need your continued support and motivation to make this happen. The Little Red Car has a LOT of room for more names…help us bring more people on this incredible quest!