Do more with less; that’s essentially our message. You don’t have to be rich to be healthy. Good health and simple living is for EVERYONE. And it begins with each individual seeing what they can do to take better care of what we are each given at birth. Some of us got dealt a different set of cards–I didn’t ask to have diabetes and neither did anyone else with that condition. However, once the rules of the game change, we have to re-tune our perspective and step up our own game.

Everyone is occupying everything. Everyone is pissed about something. At the end of the day no matter what “percent” you associate yourself with or what income bracket you wish you “occupied” there is little that each person can do to change society.

Stay with me now. I am not saying we are all helpless (read: f*****d).

What I am asserting is that I can change myself–and as part of society, there may just be a loophole that we can squeeze through to create a larger change IF we focus on smaller changes first! It’s not sexy and idealistic enough to be covered on the news and Facebook and Twitter feeds but out in the vertical world, there are no breaks for the wealthy or sympathy for the poor.

There is simply, simple life.

Unplug. Walk away. There is no sense in shouting into deaf ears. The only sound that deaf ears will ever hear is silence.

Less shouting, more DOING will create a silence so overwhelming that no one will be able to turn away.

I have to manage my sugar every day. Every waking minute. Sure, it’s a battle but I am not focused on the problem. I am choosing to focus on the solution. I have a hard time constantly blogging about my diabetes because I am not FOCUSED on my diabetes and I don’t want it to consume me (more than I can help it)

I sometimes feel like I am a lousy diabetic because I am not loud and proud enough about it (although I have created quite a stir with my blue Friday painted nails and such). Maybe that makes me an arrogant poseur. I just want to be normal and when I’m climbing or talking about climbing, I don’t feel like I’m defective. I feel alive and free and its AWESOME. I know that I have to suck it up (my condition) and LIVE or else I may wind up limbless and blind having spent so much time preoccupied with what I DONT have that I miss the opportunities staring me in the face–and I want that same freedom for everyone!