It’s like moving, only different. It’s abandoning ship–and the civilized life for homelessness and certain adventure. That’s been our week.

After a couple of days of packing up boxes, shuffling stuff around and shaking your head at the sheer volume of material that you have accumulated—it feels like you are trying to drain the ocean with a teaspoon. You stand listlessly with the tides of useless nick-nacks lapping at your feet wondering how it came to this. Bubbling up from within, the inevitable  desire to throw it all away and just LEAVE grows like a weed. You cut it down and continue on with the ritual but it grows back–a nagging reminder that no one NEEDS that much STUFF.

But it feels so good-having those piles and boxes. It’s security. It’s everything we fight to gain and to maintain. It’s safety. It’s home.

It’s about to be just a distant memory. We are less than a month from departure–but this time, we are going all in. No trucks, no big boxes. Just one little red 87 Tercel. Whatever fits comes with. Whatever doesn’t fit, gets sold to pay for gas, food and test strips. We have put a lot up Ebay auctions whose proceeds go directly to our filmProject 365 and we still have a bit to get rid of.

I don’t wear that suit hardly ever anyhow. It came out twice for funerals this year. I’m happy to leave it behind, honestly. I should probably be really freaking out. Somehow I’m not–ok I am freaking out about running out of test strips and insulin. Not really sure how that is going to play out. I have a little bit stockpiled and can buy out of pocket for a while…

We registered with Ebay this week–now ANYONE selling on Ebay can donate a portion of their final sale to LivingVertical through GivingWorks. Its a cool system–of course all of our clothes and shoes and etc are going to the cause but I know that some people would like to have more options through which to help us make Project 365 a reality.

We are not getting rid of EVERYTHING though…we are stockpiling a few essentials! I have not attempted to hide my dichotomous love of PROBARs and Clifbars. We are standing on the abyss, looking over the edge and wondering. What comes next. Failure is not an option–success is not yet a clearly defined objective. Everything is shrouded in a mist of obscurity–but these are the very circumstances we are seeking. This risk, this urgency–this is the spawning ground of greatness. Comfort and convenience will ultimately blunt the sharpest edge. So while to many this may seem like an overly ambitious display of hubris, it is more accurately described as a hammering process, a quest to be sharpened through the rough and tumble climbing lifestyle and all of its accompanying friction

















One last thought to close this blog. There are a lot of people who are upset these days. A lot of people angry about injustices in our society–about what they should have but don’t. Anyone who has heard my rants (just ask if you haven’t yet, I’m happy to oblige) knows that I am not at a loss for things that I think need changing in our society. But at the end of the day, we all have a LOT to be thankful for. Thankfulness is highly underrated. As we are about to voluntarily step down a few rungs on the social ladder, I am struck by how much we have. Moreover I am amazed at how much we will still have even after discarding the comforts and luxury of conventional life. I vote that we occupy some gratitude. Just sayin’