So most of you who are faithful readers will remember our friends Ken and Naomi from our climbing video. In case you’ve forgotten, have another look at it. In fact even if you remember, take another look. Its good to be inspired and these two are all about that–as you will see when they meet up with us out on the road during Project 365!

So this weekend we headed out to do a little climbing at our home gym, and our only sponsor so far–The Inner Wall— a small family run gym in New Paltz NY which is near and dear to me since I have worked there over the years and I actually began my “illustrious” climbing climbing career by flailing about on their walls. We got a good burn in at the gym and then headed out to eat–I had to get a dose of meat since we went to Stef’s job at Billy Joe’s to eat and everything there is fried and/or fatty. I have been continuing my downsizing of meat in my diet but every weekend there seems to arise some need to eat out and the meat is tough to avoid.

We headed back to Ken and Naomi’s place and prepared to get schooled in the art of meat curing or “charcuterie”. We are learning that being more involved in your own food (cook it yourself, to start with) and producing it, when possible, is one way to stay more conscious of what you are putting in the tank, so to speak.

We made a bunch of sausage and some tasso. We drank some wine and I discovered that I become very merry after two sips–I am a cheap date! We took in some “Always Sunny in Philadephia” and an incredible sunset. (video below!) We already have planned a second sausagefest before we hit the road!

Wanna see some sunset pictures? I got a chance to break in the new lens given to us by Stefs brother, Manny (thank you!) and turns out it shoots some great pictures when its operated…coherently.