Esteban (that’s espanish for Stephen) said I need to blog more.


I assume he said this to me because he knows how much I hate blogging. Or he fears people will think I’m a figment of his imagination and photoshop if I don’t become a little more vocal. I’ve always been much more comfortable using other forms of superficial media that allow me to paint a favorable picture with little personal vulnerability. Guess that’s about to change with us filming a documentary, eh (that’s canuk for huh).

I’m accepting the realization that while we are on the road filming 80% of our daily activities there will be very little that I won’t be sharing. Everyone will be brought into our ups and downs, our fights and fuzzy moments, my extremely odd late night behavior and given a view of our life that even our closest friends have never seen.

So while everyone else is concerned with us living out of an 87 Toyota Tercel for a year, I’m more concerned with having to talk about daily experiences and how it made me feel. While I’m lamenting about this I would like to take a moment  to say that I am looking forward to challenging myself and learn to be more open with others, because really, what do I have to lose?


I think that’s enough blogging for one evening…baby steps.


Thanks for playing.