It has been a blog-less weekend as we lost power in the Northeast and cold temperatures were just the beginning of the miseries. I definitely tried to save the food that was in the fridge and freezer–with limited success. I have been trying to eliminate or greatly reduce meat in my diet (still going well) but I’ll be damned if I just throw away perfectly edible meat! So I have been parceling it out, to at least get some use out of it.

The power cut out Saturday afternoon and came back on Monday morning, during which time an epic struggle for survival occurred (on a microscopic level) as virulent bacteria overcame all odds to infest my turkey burgers.

I didnt discover this fact, however, until I was actually excited to cook and eat them (last night). As I opened the plastic packaging, I recoiled in horror. It smelled like a dirty fart. I went back in to try again and see if maybe I was over-thinking the situation. As I smelled it for a third time, it occurred to me that if I had to question the normalcy of my (as yet uncooked) food smelling like a rectum, that the answer to my question was really a lot simpler than I wanted to admit. So I trudged out to the garbage and discarded it.

Stephen, 0 Botulism, 1.

Oddly enough I had some Tilapia that had also thawed as the freezer failed so I moved it into the snowbank outside (the “walk-out” cooler) and once the power came back on, I cooked and ate it all. I didnt want to eat 4lbs of Tilapia all in one go, but it was better than having to throw it away. We’ll call that one a draw.

Stephen, 1 Botulism, 2

Now my turkey sausages, those were fine. I assumed (correctly) that they had enough preservatives in them to weather all but a sauna session without bacteria being able to gain any traction. I broke down and had one last night in place of the “ass-burgers” and even though its not a pretty win, it still goes down as a “W” in my playbook.

Stephen, 2 Botulism, 2

I have to say, having the bulk of your foodstuff being plant-based proved very advantageous in this situation because very little actually got wasted. I think that the”ass-burgers” were the only casualty.

Stephen, 3 Botulism, 2

(for the win!)

Aside from playing grab-ass with microscopic particles infesting my freezer and watching “Puss in Boots” (MUST SEE) this weekend gave us a chance to really narrow our focus as we are opening up a new chapter with “LivingVertical: Project 365”.

I am going to focus on that in the next blog entry–since that whole deal merits more explanation. For now, lets just say that I am totally psyched and I know we are going in the right direction. This whole thing boils down to deciphering a road map for a foreign land in a language you’ve never seen before. The only way to calculate where you’re going is to feel your way through it, a little at a time and turn around when you come to a dead end or local villagers who seem to mean you harm…