[custom_image src=”” width=”” height=”” crop=”c” title=”” link=”” lightbox=”” group=”” hover=”1″ target=”0″ image_alignment=”center” frame=”none”]Not really. But they did approve our application for 501 c3 tax exemption! That is a huge hurdle overcome business-wise…now back to the fun stuff of our daily life.

We are going to give the website another face-lift soon and so that is taking up a bit of time here and there. Work is crazy–teaching is occupying one half of my brain and trying to figure out if I can afford to get coffee on my way home from work or if that will put us over budget (etc) is occupying the other half! No worries though, each bit of the puzzle is coming together.

So I took the opportunity to pitch my “nutritional zealot” approach to my classes today–and a lot of them have the basic concept of it already, they are just struggling with the application. So, in the interest of full disclosure, I did eat two turkey burgers today. And yes I LOVE MEAT. I am definitely struggling with the concept of NO meat and NO dairy.

I am also struggling with the fact that I have NO LABEL for this dietary direction other than a few drab buzzwords like “healthy eating” and “good nutrition”…I would like to work my way up to a strictly vegetarian diet, but I also want to be realistic and advocate an approach that is not so focused on labels and extremism. I guess my goal is to GREATLY minimize the occurrence of meat and dairy in my diet. So far, so good!


Sugar was between 78 (fasting, in the AM) and 132 2 hours after eating.

Insulin sensitivity increased slightly (2u of humalog to cover 30g of carbs) from the usual 1 unit/10 grams of carb

Energy was increased (although not through the proverbial roof)

Mental clarity was better than average (slightly)

All told, dietary perfection eludes me, but significant improvement is in the cross-hairs! Also. I put some hi-octane fuel in my car and the carburetor is loving it!