In the midst of my training for the 365 Challenge (which has been going pretty well–and thanks for asking!) I have been looking at ways to optimize my nutrition and diet. I admit, watching a few documentaries on Netflix romanticized the notion of going on an all out dietary rampage. No, not twinkies and happy meals. I mean the GOOD kind of rampage.

Coincidentally, this weekend I also found out that my decrepit car has been coughing and wheezing and gasping along with less than ideal performance due to the low quality of fuel I have been putting in it. The carburetor has been getting clogged up and all because I thought I’d save a couple dollars on gas!

It occurred to me that there was a significant parallel here. I see a lot of people gorging themselves with foods that are effectively poisons and then complaining about how tired they feel or how imbalanced their blood sugar has been. There seems to be a simple solution here and I am going to ferret it out–because eating healthy and taking care of yourself is not just for diabetics or chronically ill persons. Its everyone’s responsibility and I suspect it’s a lot simpler than we think if we can accept the lifestyle change.

So. Here is what I am doing about it (not just ranting at my virtual audience)–Stefanie and I hit the grocery store yesterday with a mission: Buy all fresh fruits and vegetables and go for one week eating nothing but those items. I am interested to see how it affects my blood sugar, weight, energy and climbing performance. Just so we are on the same page, here is my rough medical profile:

Type 1 since 1999

A1C-5.9 (never been higher than 7 since 99)

188 lbs


Lantus (8u x2 daily)

Humalog (4u/meal)


One thing I have heard a lot from my students (I teach at a local community college as an adjunct instructor) is that eating healthy is “too expensive”. I have always suspected this to be a crock. I wanted to see what a shit-ton of these veggies would cost and compare that to our usual grocery bill.



Now guess how much it all cost!