So this weekend, as I celebrated three years of marriage to Stefanie, we had a lot of time to just kick back and think about what we are doing here–and WHY. The process of trying to start and promote a business while working full time jobs has been a Herculean task to say the least. The 365 Challenge was the reason for all of this–to inspire and encourage people by simply doing what we always have. Somewhere in the midst of worrying about how people would see us and trying to promote programs that are over a year away from happening, I decided to just let go.

Let go of what other people might think. Let go of desire to fund future programs. Let go of wanting other people to get excited about what we have planned.

Get back to the basics! 365 Days of climbing…the future has great things in store but the here and now is bursting at the seams! So hang on to your hats because our focus is shifting from business to basics–and I think its gonna get a whole lot more interesting!



Interesting? Well, yes, in a way.